Our Laboratory

Our new lab facility at Columbia University Fertility Center boasts state-of-the-art enhancements and innovations designed to improve patient outcomes and advance reproductive science and research. Led by medical and laboratory director Eric Forman, MD, HCLD, we have the only lab in the country with a molecular biology and genetics workstation within the lab to allow physicians to develop and implement novel technologies to improve patient outcomes. The lab also features a triple air lock door that is designed to have air one-thousand times cleaner than the regular air we breathe.

We offer the most advanced egg and embryo freezing procedures, including first-of-its kind technology to provide additional security for the tanks storing frozen embryos and eggs.

These are some of the results from our new lab facility. For more information, please view our success rates.

  • 81% fertilization rate with ICSI (under age 35)
  • 50% high-quality blast rate (all ages)
  • 57% high-quality blast rate (under age 35)
  • 61% implantation rate of euploid blasts