Research Administration

Finance & Operations

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Ob/Gyn) at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) receives approximately $20 million in sponsored research funding annually, in addition to millions of dollars in industry-sponsored clinical trials and other non-sponsored research funds such as endowments and gifts.

There are two teams within Ob/Gyn that assist the faculty with the administration of their research projects – Research Finance and Research Operations.

Research Finance

The Research Finance team consists of both pre-award and post-award grant managers that provide administrative oversight for sponsored projects.

You can find Ob/Gyn grant manager assignments here (CUIMC login required). Below is a breakdown between common pre-award and post-award tasks that the assigned grant managers can assist with.


  • Searching for new funding opportunities
  • Coordinating, reviewing, and submitting grant applications
  • Just-in-time requests
  • Annual reporting (e.g. RPPRs - NIH noncompeting continuation applications)


  • Projections and financial modeling
  • Subaward management
  • Award setup/modifications
  • Prior approval requests (e.g. advance accounts or no-cost extensions)
  • Effort reporting

Please contact Joseph Celentano, Director of Research Finance at for questions related to the research finance team.

For general inquiries, or to submit a subaward invoice for payment, please email

Research Operations

The Department of Ob/Gyn has a strong, proven track record of collaboration at every stage, ranging from design, implementation, data analysis, and dissemination of findings.

Research in the Department of Ob/Gyn is embedded in the clinical care systems at our institution, in both private practice and hospital clinic settings. We have more than 20 staff members who can recruit patients, collect and process specimens (including cord blood and placental processing, 24/7), and conducting long-term follow-up. While specific research staff are assigned primary responsibility for individual protocols, each is trained and certified to work on ongoing projects. We can provide research operations assistance including:

  • Setting up a new Industry sponsored clinical trial
  • Questions about logistics of a current clinical trial/closing out a clinical trial
  • Regulatory (RASCAL/IRB/IACUC/etc.) questions/assistance
  • MTAs/DUAs, administrative assistance
  • Posting new job openings  in research
  • Reporting unanticipated events
  • Participant reimbursement
  • Freezer/Lab Space/equipment questions
  • Grant writing assistance

Please contact Sabine Bousleiman, Director of Research Operations and Administration at for questions related to research operations, or if you’re interested in partnering with us for specimen collection/processing. We have experienced Research Managers in each Division who can also assist you.

You can find a comprehensive list of Who to Contact for specific questions here (CUIMC login required).