What is hypospadias?

Hypospadias is a condition where the penile opening, or urethra, is located somewhere along the underside of the penis rather than at the tip. The most common type is a milder form in which the urethral opening is on the underside of the glans of the penis. Hypospadias is one of the more common congenital anomalies. It occurs in approximately one in 300 male births.

How is this condition managed during pregnancy?

Hypospadias can occur alone, or may be a part of syndromes including other fetal abnormalities. Especially when in the presence of other abnormalities, a consultation with a geneticist and discussion of genetic testing options may be recommended. The only way to confirm diagnosis is to examine the baby after birth.

How is this condition managed after delivery?

As hypospadias is managed with surgery, a pediatric urologist will be involved in care after birth. The results of surgery in the long term are usually good in mild cases. In the more complicated cases, there may be long-term problems with urinary continence (not being able control urination) or sexual function.