Ventriculomegaly with dangling choroids axial view

What is ventriculomegaly?

Ventriculomegaly is the finding of abnormally-enlarged fluid spaces, known as ventricles, in the brain. Ventriculomegaly occurs in in less than 2 percent of pregnancies.


How is this condition managed during pregnancy?

When identified during pregnancy, a detailed evaluation of the brain by fetal MRI is recommended. Serial ultrasound studies are often performed to monitor this finding. As other physical malformations and genetic abnormalities may be associated with this finding, genetic counseling and testing are recommended. Prenatal consultations with pediatric neurology specialists may be recommended to discuss the condition and its prognosis. Prenatal care will be managed by a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, an obstetrician with special training and expertise in high-risk pregnancies.

Ventriculomegaly 3D axial MRI

How is this condition managed after delivery?

Newborns with ventriculomegaly will undergo further imaging after birth to confirm the diagnosis. In cases of severe ventriculomegaly, surgery is often required to decrease pressure on the brain. The long-term prognosis for newborns with ventriculomegaly depends on the severity and the presence or absence of other abnormalities.