Intra-abdominal Cysts and Masses

What are intra-abdominal cysts and masses?

Intra-abdominal cysts and masses are cystic or solid structures that are located within the fetal abdominal space. They can be normal findings or represent abnormalities of the abdominal organs or ovaries. Intra-abdominal cysts and masses are rare.

How is this condition managed during pregnancy?

If suspected, a detailed ultrasound will be performed to look for other abnormalities. Consultation will take place with a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, an obstetrician with special training and expertise in high-risk pregnancies. Fetal MRI will be recommended to help further characterize the cyst or mass. Depending upon the diagnosis, further consultation with pediatric subspecialists may be recommended.

What is the likely prognosis for this condition?

The prognosis for a fetal intra-abdominal cyst or mass is largely dependent upon the diagnosis.